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Thrive! Support

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   Thrive! Support - To discuss potential collaboration, partnership, advocacy, a speaker and/or assistance, contact Gary "Chris" Christopherson via email [ ] or phone 301-318-3760.

Thrive! Support

   As we strive to create and sustain large, positive and timely change as envisioned by Thrive!, Thrive! can help.

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   Why Thrive! support?  Unfortunately, most current strategy, policy and management models are too limited to address today’s problems and wholly inadequate for succeeding with a more challenging future. 

   "Next generation" strategy, policy and management models must succeed with a future that is high risk, is large and broad scope, is complex, may not be sustainable, is highly interactive and interdependent, depends heavily on what people do, and changes with or without us.

   Thrive! has a set of next generation strategy/models/tools to create and sustain positive, large scale change. It can help create/sustain  large positive change as the path to fix problems and build and sustain a thriving future for communities, regions, and nations.

   Thrive! support can help create and sustain large positive strategic and operational change to fix problems and build and sustain a thriving future for communities, regions, states and nations.

   Leadership and multi-generation efforts are combined with next generation strategy, policy, program, and management, including the core system of of “next generation” strategies, models and tools.

   Thrive! can help develop and implement collaborative strategies:

  • Create and sustain large positive change for communities, states, nations and beyond.

  • Minimize vulnerability and maximize thriving.

  • Create/sustain large positive change on key issues, e.g., health, energy, environment, food, education and housing.

  • Create/sustain large positive change for large complex systems, e.g., improving communities and countries.

    • Transform health systems to achieve better health. 

    • Transform communities to achieve thriving.

   It can assist advocates, policy makers, mission-driven organizations and collaboratives and governments who need:

  • Partner in and advocate for creating large positive change.

  • Assistance on creating and sustaining large positive change on key issues and for communities, regions, nations and beyond.

  • National speaker on creating/sustaining large positive change.

   Thrive! draws on 30+ years of senior-level executive and policy experience with U.S. Federal Executive and Legislative branches, local government, and private sector.  (Bio)