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Thrive! Vision, Mission & Endeavor


Thrive! Vision

    Thrive! envisions a thriving and surviving future forever for all (for people, communities, states, nations and world; for everyone and everything).

Thrive! Mission

    The Thrive! mission is to create and sustain large, positive and timely change that builds and achieves a surviving and thriving future for all forever.

Thrive! Endeavor

    Thrive! strives to create and empower a vast, sustained human endeavor building and sustaining thriving and surviving future for all forever.

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Achieving Thrive! Vision, Mission and Action

    Thrive! strives to maximize and sustain thriving:

  • Thriving people (persons)

  • Thriving families

  • Thriving neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties

  • Thriving regions

  • Thriving states

  • Thriving nations

  • A thriving world

    Thrive! strives to improve performance so that we and our world are:

  • Performing well

  • Well-off (financially)

  • Well nourished

  • Well housed

  • Well protected (exposures, crime)

  • Well educated

  • Physically and mentally well (People)

  • Growing/developing well

  • Living within good habitat

  • Physically well (Plants, Animals, Environment)

  • Not vulnerable

  • Producing personal and public goods

  • Living within a stable, positive climate

  • Sustainable

Why Thrive! Vision, Mission and Action

    There is too much vulnerability.

  • Vulnerable people (persons)

  • Vulnerable families

  • Vulnerable neighborhoods, cities, counties

  • Vulnerable regions

  • Vulnerable states

  • Vulnerable nations

  • A vulnerable world

    Our communities and world are doing poorly.

  • Performing poorly or badly (as individuals and communities (all levels); on key issues)

  • Poor (financially)

  • Poorly nourished

  • Poorly housed

  • Poorly protected (exposures, crime)

  • Poorly educated

  • Physically/mentally ill

  • Poorly growing/developing

  • Not doing well “physically”

  • Living within poor or bad habitat

  • Excessively vulnerable

  • Unstable, destructive climate

  • Not sustainable